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Vitaderm is a results orientated range which combines the latest advances in ingredient research with natural plant extracts and essential oils to achieve maximum therapeutic benefits. The advanced multi-active formulations, incorporating both marine– and botanical –active, are able to address specific conditions to ensure a radiant complexion.




· No MINERAL OIL due to the fact that it causes dehydration and skin congestion with long-term use.

· No drying SD-ALCOHOL.




· No PRESERVATIVES used in Complexes and Enviroshields.

· Lowest levels of PRESERVATIVES used in emulsions (0.028%)

Text Box: Treatments

Botanical Facials

Aromatic Facial                                                                                                 1h00...R320

A rejuvinating, aromatic experience, which leaves the skin feeling revitalised.

A standard treatment for all skin types.

Purifying Treatment                                                                                        1h30...R385

An effective deep cleansing treatment, formulated to help heal and balance the skin.

Anti-Oxidant Facial                                                                                       1h00...R385

Ideal as a quick booster treatment. Thus active treatment combines luxurious

citrus aroma massage complex with a rich and creamy, nourishing masque.

Recommended for dry, dehydrated or devitalised skin.

Firming Sauna Facial                                                                                    1h30...R490

Film forming masque containing alginate, aiding penetration of active ingredients.

Results in a toned, firm & vibrant appearance.

Recommended for mature, dry or dehydrated skins.

Vitamin Facial                                                                                                      1h30...R490

Ulitmate skin conditioning treatment, leaving skin visibly nourished + rejuvinated.

Highly effective for dry, mature or sensitive skins.


Advanced Facials

Hydro-Intensive Gel Treatment                                                          1h00...R390

Offers excellent hydration and anti-ageing benefits.

Personalised masque for face, eyes and neck.  Suited for all skin types.

Hydro Intensive Deluxe                                                                              1h30...R450

This hydrating, revitalising facial, combines the latest anti-ageing ingredients

with the finest essential oils and herbal extracts, with addition of deluxe

booster masque

Hydro Intensive Galvanic                                                                           1h30...R420

Highly effective treatment offers an intensive boost while balancing and

rejuvenating the skin. Galvanic application aids in deeper product penetration.

Specialised Exfoliation

Fruit Acid Peel - AHA 20% pH3.4                                                                 R420

Fruit Acid Peel - AHA 50% pH3.2                                                                 R420

This blend of naturally-occuring fruit acids is highly effective as an intensive

exfoliation and skin boosting treatment. It can also be used to refine

the texture of the skin, resulting in a smoother texture with a radiant complexion.

Also recommended as a course of treatments during winter.

Lactic Acid Peel -  AHA 30% pH3.0                                                             R420

Lactic acid is a naturally-occuring acid that has the ability to revitalise the complexion. Similar in principle to the Fruit Acid Peel, though more intensive, it is intended as a booster treatment. Highly recommended for clients who suffer from hyperpigmentation, acne/asphyxic skin and mature skin, as an anti-ageing treatment. Ideally this Lactic Acid Peel is performed as a course of 3 or 6 treatments during the winter months.

Hydroxy Acid Peel 30% pH3.2                                                                             R420

This peel contains a blend of alpha hydroxy acids as well as beta hydroxy acids, making it ideal for all skin types. It increases cellular turn-around time and boosts radiance. Salicylic acid has been added to provide additional benefits such as reduction in fine lines as well as the effect of exfoliation within the sebaceous glands, preventing congestion.

Aspirin / Disprin allergies is a contraindication.

Salicylic Acid Peel                                                                                                           R385

This effective exfoliation incorporates a mild salicylic acid derivative, with the addition of ultra-fine dissolving granules. Leaves the complexion ultra-smooth,with a brightening, anti-inflamatory effect. Particularly useful for oily, congested or environmentally damaged skin.


Facial Add-Ons

Firming Eye Treatment                                                                                               R140

Filmogenic treatment which remineralises delicate skin around the eyes.

Intense hydration, anti-ageing action.

Alleviates puffiness, tired eyes and loss of firmness.

Booster Masque                                                                                                               R105

A film-forming masque assists in increasing the penetration of actives used

before application. An add-on to fruit acid peels, hydro-intensive gel therapy or aromatic facial. Skin feels remarkably smooth with a radiant glow.

Salicylic Acid Peel                                                                                                           R60

High Frequency (Single)                                                                                            R105

High Frequency (10x Sessions)                                                                           R700

10x Sessions to be used within 4 Months.